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Gentle Care in a Low Stress Environment



At Upstream Animal Healing Center we are integrating conventional

veterinary medicine with alternative therapies to achieve the best

possible result for your pet.

• The Team

We believe there are 3 equal parts in the triad of pet-owner-veterinarian.

We will acknowledge the experience of the owners, listen to their

observations and consider their suggestions.

On our part, a great effort will be made to educate the owners, explain about every suggested measure and empower them to make informed decisions for the well-being of their pets.

We expect the pet owner to take an active role in helping his/her pet to live the best life possible.

• Healthy pets

We recommend regular health evaluations. Preventive measures go a long way to ward off emergencies, to detect problems in their early stages and provide your pet with a happy life, functioning at its best, and to minimize suffering.

• Pets with compromised health

We believe that we have to go beyond the pharmaceutical solution, instead taking into account the whole animal patient plus its environment.
This way we hope to find the underlying causes of your pet’s illness and facilitate the patient’s healing process in a safe and effective way.
Our goal is to guide your pet in its self-healing ability and achieve proper self-regulation.